New Dwelling, Boothby Graffoe

The proposal will provide a contemporary three bedroom family home in a unique woodland setting within a Conservation Area and a designated Area of Great Landscape Value.


The project presented several challenges, not least a prior planning refusal, its location in a Conservation Area and a designated Area of Great Landscape Value (The Lincoln Cliff), as well as having extensive tree cover with trees protected by the Conservation Area status and individual Tree Preservation Orders and a sloping topography.

To address these unique challenges, the house is unique in its design, which we prepared and presented to the Local Authority.  It is positioned to reduce its visual impact and to take advantage of distant views to open countryside. The footprint of the building is angled to obtain specific views, whilst also avoiding tree root protection areas and balancing the practical requirements of being able to furnish the rooms.  The majority of the dwelling is single storey to enable views under the existing tree canopies.  The dwelling is two storey where a group of trees in the southern corner of the site are higher, and features an external terrace to take advantage of this. The relationship between the single and two storey elements has been handled carefully so that a number of rooflights draw in light from above.

Externally, the dwelling is designed to appear as a monolithic block into which openings are placed and, as such, will be constructed in natural limestone; a heavyweight masonry material which is also suitably low maintenance. The use of the limestone also links the house to the village and wider local context. In contrast to the rough stone, but in keeping with a warm colour palette, smooth bronze-coloured window and door frames are proposed.

A planted sedum roof will help offset the removal of several trees in terms of biodiversity and ecology, as well as providing increased acoustic and thermal insulation.

  • “The proposal strikes an appropriate balance between on the one hand having appropriate regard to the local distinctiveness… whilst on the other hand embracing a contemporary design approach… The innovative design approach minimises the bulk and massing of the building and its visual impact on the conservation area and setting of the listed buildings... ”

    Delegated Planning Officer Report

    North Kesteven District Council