Planning shapes the places where people live and work and the country we live in. Good planning ensures that we get the right development, in the right place and at the right time...

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Working on Development Management and Strategic Planning Proposals daily

We have a workload that includes new housing, new employment development, waste management facilities, new schools, a wide range of intensive agricultural development, as well as seasonal workers’ accommodation, polytunnels for soft fruit growers and renewable energy projects.

The Consultancy is retained to act on the wide range of planning issues that includes:

  • the design of new development; the preparation and submission of planning applications providing a strategy for obtaining planning permission

  • dealing with planning appeals, both for the private and public sector, either by way of the administration of written representations or by appearance as expert witness at Hearings and Inquiries

  • dealing with called in planning applications; providing strategic planning with regard to the Development Plan process

  • dealing with enforcement issues.