Barn Conversion, Boston

Located in Old Leake, Boston, Lincolnshire, the proposal will provide a new home for a local family by converting an existing agricultural building.


The site was purchased with an existing planning permission in place to convert the buildings. The brief was to improve the existing design wherever possible and to make it more sustainable and contemporary in its appearance.


Living spaces and Bedrooms are arranged around an existing central courtyard. Existing walls and openings are utilised wherever possible to retain the character of the existing building whilst also providing practical and cost-saving benefits.

The appearance of the design is contemporary, but in the spirit of the original building. For example, new window and door openings are sized according to function; they are smaller on the elevation facing a road to balance privacy with natural light, but larger elsewhere to draw daylight into the building and to offer views out to the surrounding countryside. The zinc roof and Larch-clad walls are contemporary, yet similar in appearance to both the existing materials and other agricultural buildings nearby. The Larch cladding also has a practical purpose, in that it will hide the difference between the existing and considerable new construction, which is required in order to provide an increased floor level owing to the site’s location in a flood risk zone.

Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) will be used for the roof construction to provide open vaulted ceilings and to speed-up the construction process.

A garage, stable and manège are also proposed.