Planning Permission for 96 dwellings in Spalding

15 April, 2019

Town Planning

Planning Permission has been obtained for up to 96 dwellings on land at Wardentree Lane, Spalding, in the Parish of Pinchbeck.

The former plant nursery is adjacent to the urban area of Spalding, being contained by residential development to the south and west, an employment allocation to the east and the Blue Gowt Drain to the north. Permission was issued on 8 March 2019, the adoption day of the South East Lincolnshire Local Plan.

Our illustrative layout responds to the surrounding area, including the open countryside beyond the Blue Gowt Drain to the north and the allocation for business uses to the west, whilst reflecting the character of residential development to the south.

The development can retain and enhance the environment of an existing Public Right of Way, will use a Sustainable Drainage System utilising swales and protect access to the adjacent Internal Drainage Board drains as an integral part of the open space provision.

The application was supported by a comprehensive range of technical reports and was recommended for approval by officers at the Local Planning Authority.